Digital Signage

Aim Advertising owns and operates digital signage networks in supermarkets and high-traffic hospitality locations, which includes restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions. We are a leader in the new digital signage industry.  Digital signage networks are a segment of the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry. OOH includes billboards and other “new media” such as cell phone/mobile advertising.  Here are some advantages to advertising on digital signage:

  • Content on the screens can be updated remotely and instantly on any number of video screens anywhere.
  • Content can be programmed to update automatically.
  • Audience is well defined because you can physically observe them.
  • Rates for digital signs are usually much lower on a cost per thousand basis, compared to other media.

Here are some examples of our digital signage videos:

Brenner Nissan

AC&R Services

Jack Metzer Volkswagen

Northumberland National Bank

For more information on how to advertise on digital signage networks with Aim,
visit Aim Digital Visions or the Weis TV Video Network.