Mobile, Web, and SMS Coupons

Smartphones and tablets let users access deals on the go and have the capability to distribute coupons that are highly relevant based on location, behavior and timeliness. Those who use these devices have an expanding range of options for delivery of mobile coupons, including SMS (short message service) promotions.  Promotional coupons can be embedded in a web page, posted as a QR code or sent as a text message with a keyword or number.

Aim’s coupon system has the ability to link into a customer’s Facebook wall, send via email, twittered and shared via other social networks through the following methods:

 All three of these examples of mobile coupons are functional. Go ahead and try them out!

Embedded in a web page:

Once the customer has been through the signup process they are presented with the final option to “redeem” coupon. If they hit redeem, the final coupon is presented to the customer with an additional bar code and inventory number. Then the coupon acts like a real coupon and can be programmed directly into the POS system at the merchant’s location. Custom coupons can also be scanned into our system and be used in place of our managed coupon. In either case, the merchant has the control over the coupon to prevent fraud/abuse of the system.

As a QR Code:

Your QR code is printed on a flyer, a newspaper or magazine, a cardboard stand at the front desk of the store, or a business card. The customer scans the QR code and is taken to a signup form that looks very much like an embedded signup in a web page.


Pasta QR Code

Pasta QR Code

As a Text Message:

to 71441 with the keyword “parm”

Mouble Coupons - texting

“texting” for a Coupon

Your message contains a keyword or number printed on a flyer, a newspaper or magazine, a cardboard stand at the front desk of the store, a business card, digital screen, radio or TV ad. The customer text the key word or number provided and they are signed up. Then a coupon is sent to them. These mobile coupons can be redeemed directly from the phone in the customer’s store.

Aim’s coupon system can do much, much more. Call us for complete details.

Flow chart

Digital Coupon Flow Chart

Digital Coupon Flow Chart