New Media

Digital technology is changing the way consumers are reached and Aim is on cutting edge with new media and out of home advertising.

New media advertising is critical in this ever-changing world. Now more than ever, the consumer has the ability to avoid almost all traditional media advertising in the home and in their cars. New technology such as digital video recorders (DVR’s), internet streaming and downloading, satellite radio and mp3 players have put the consumer in control of what they want to see or hear.

Aim is a leader in Digital Sign Networks. Please visit our sister site to learn more about our digital sign networks. Aim is a certified reseller of digital sign network systems, service and installation. We also offer consultation for digital sign advertising sales.

Have you Tweeted today? Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram are networks about people and their circle of friends and their activities, events, careers and personalities. With all the “buzz” generated on social networks, it’s no wonder businesses are tapping into this medium to promote products and services. Through social media, businesses can engage potential customers in ways they never could before.