Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click

The Best Of All Worlds

From murals written on walls in caves ten thousand years ago to digital billboards we see along highways today, one thing has remained the same. With traditional media there is still no way to know for sure just who actually saw your ad. But with pay per click advertising (PPC) and the Google Advertising Network it is possible to not only know what audience your ads are exposed to but how many people actually see them. Digital marketing through PPC, social media or any advertising that is interactive is the first real leap forward since the days of cave murals. To fully utilize the power of a media like Adwords, it takes a great deal of training. But all the technical training in the world is limited if you do not have the experience to know how to move people with words and pictures.


google-adwords-certified-partnerAt Aim Advertising we have the years of experience creating successful campaigns in all the traditional media. These skills can make a huge difference in the success of your digital advertising.  Whether you’re running search ads or display ads, the right words or images are all important. While your IT Company may be able to deploy an on-line campaign, can they write copy or create images that sell? We have the technical skill and the years of experience that make the difference.


Our Pricing

You can hire AIM to build and manage your Adwords campaign for just $250 per month or 30% of your total on line advertising expenditure.  We work on a month-to-month basis and can put together great package programs with your email and Facebook marketing as well as your traditional advertising programs.