What We Do

The front page really says it all…..

We are a full-service advertising agency for traditional and digital media.

Our in-house staff covers everything from traditional US Postal mailing (snail mail) and newspaper inserts to the newest digital media methods of social networking, advertising, e-blasts and Search Engine Management / Optimization. We have a complete in house production facility for all your video and audio needs and this definitely lowers the costs and turn around time for our clients.

In addition to individual advertising agency services, Aim is capable of managing your entire advertising campaign, including placement service on traditional media, digital media, the web, e-blasts, social networks and our own digital Signage Networks.  This expansive coverage of digital and analog media outlets digital signage networks in Central and Southeast Pennsylvania offers you direct coverage to millions of our viewers in the area.

In the good old days we used to shout it from the mountains with bull horns and crowds would listen. Now advertising is hijacking all the blank spaces from eggs, to elevator screens to the cell phone in your hand. Either you catch a glimpse or engage on line in a one on one conversation where the consumer decides what to do with your brand. This may sound scary to the average advertiser but for Aim Advertising… it’s inspiring.