Digital Advertising System for Small Business

We offer a comprehensive digital advertising system designed as a total online advertising program.  This system is perfect for the smaller business that can not afford the cost and low return on investment (ROI) of traditional advertising. Our system is a program built on a media mix using your Website, Pay-Per-Click Ads, Facebook, and Email marketing.  We can set it up for you and you can manage it yourself or hire us to manage it.  Either way, you get the benefit of reaching larger numbers of good potential customers than you could with traditional media, and save a ton of money.


How it works

When you hire Aim to market your business online, or just set you up to manage your own advertising, the first thing we do is consult with you on your objectives and expectations.  We then put together a proposed plan designed to reach your goals. The plan must include a website for your business.  If you do not have a website for your business, Aim can design and build a great site for you at a very reasonable rate. We then put together a plan employing the following media

Google Adwords advertising

Facebook advertising

Email marketing

Then we’ll show you how to integrate these media into a campaign that can reach more qualified potential costumers, faster and cheaper than you ever could with traditional advertising media.  Aim can set you up to manage your own advertising campaigns or have Aim manage your campaigns for you for as little as $250. a month.  Contact us today for a free consultation.