Welcome to the Age of Digital Media.

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What do you get when you combine 60 years of traditional marketing experience, media buying, award winning ideas, and meaningful content creation, and you drop that knowledge into the new digital age?

Answer: A top advertising agency that is leveraging its huge knowledge and experience to create powerful new age ad campaigns.

At Aim Advertising we believe in change. We have to, because technology has changed everything. And nowhere has it changed more than in advertising.

What is advertising?
What is digital media?
What is a digital agency?
What is digital marketing?
What is Internet marketing?

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Advertising today is far beyond the big idea or a few words or an image that was incredibly memorable. Today, attention is a commodity that cannot be bought. If marketers want to get someone’s attention, they must say something worth hearing, and they must reach consumers in an honest, and authentic way. Advertisers today need to know that the consumer is in control and you must be where they are, if you want to reach them.

According to Neilsen, Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other web site with more than 53 billion total minutes spent during May 2011 and 40% of social media is accessed through Mobile Internet.

Behind Facebook during May was Blogger, at 723.8 million minutes; Tumblr, at 623.5 million minutes; Twitter, at 565.2 million minutes; and LinkedIn, at 325.7 million minutes.

Aim Advertising is a full-service advertising agency for traditional and new media advertising located in Central Pennsylvania (PA). We have an in house staff that covers the full spectrum of skills required for all types of advertising media. Our staff coupled with our in-house audio and video production studios give our clients the advantage of lower cost for high quality production, lightning fast turnaround and more consistency across all media.

Aim Digital Visions

Aim Digital Visions

Aim Advertising also owns a new media. Aim Digital Visions is the largest digital sign network in Pennsylvania reaching over 2.7 million shoppers in grocery stores, malls, hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations. Now you get the advice of 60 years advertising experience and the exclusive opportunity to advertise your product or business on a powerful new digital video network.

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