Internet: The Ultimate Marketing Machine

It’s about me and where I happen to be!

Thanks to the power of Google AdWords, Facebook, e-mail marketing and a mountain of social media outlets, advertising is becoming less wasteful and its value more measurable!

In one night, Aim pulled in over 900 cars to see a drive thru light show for a Christmas Tree Farm using Facebook and e-mail marketing. Spending less than $500 on both combined.

Aim Advertising believes the advertising industry is only now starting to grow out of its century-long infancy, which might be called “the Wanamaker era”.

(“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted,” he said. “The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”)

We believe in change. We have to because technology has changed everything and nowhere has it changed more than when it comes to marketing your business.

New advertising models based on Internet technologies amount to innovation. Instead of chasing down the consumer with an ad, the new idea is to get them to search for your ad by showing up voluntarily and interacting with what they find online.

Aim Advertising is a full-service advertising agency for traditional and new media advertising located in Central Pennsylvania (PA). We have an in house staff that covers the full spectrum of skills required for all types of advertising media. Our staff coupled with our in-house audio and video production studios give our clients the advantage of lower cost for high quality production, lightning fast turnaround and more consistency across all media.

Aim Digital Visions

Aim Digital Visions

Aim Advertising also operates Aim Digital Visions, which is the largest digital sign network in Pennsylvania reaching over 2.7 million shoppers in grocery stores, malls, hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations. Now you get the advice of 60 years advertising experience and the exclusive opportunity to advertise your product or business on a powerful new digital video network.

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